This event is for Subscribers only and aims to show all the opportunities that the financial market offers, as well as show our work in the live trading room.

In this event  , support and  more detailed information about the work being carried out will not be provided, as there is a need for concentration and focus to carry out the operations safely.

Any questions can be clarified directly with our Support Email:   or directly in our Customer Service Channels.

What you’ll see in this event:

  • Routine on the definitions of objectives, goals and how to achieve them
  • tools and resources
  • Reflection on the psychological factor, which is of fundamental importance to be successful in this business
  • Definition of Base Capital and equity
  • Day Setup for Capital Management
  • Analysis of the instruments to be worked on on the day
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Execution of trading strategy as well as management
  • Closing of the day and conclusion of the session

This room is intended to be educational so all content posted and distributed by ProInvesty (collectively, the “Company”) should be treated as general information only.

None of the information provided by the Company or contained herein is intended as investment advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or as a recommendation, endorsement or sponsorship of any security, company or fund.



Topic: ProInvesty Room
Hosted By: Marcos Vitorino
Start: 10/07/2020 08:00
Category: Live Trading Room
Duration: 3 hours 0 minutes
Current Timezone: America/New_York

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