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The objective is to train professional investors in the financial market to operate on the New York Stock Exchange. With this training you will have the possibility to become a professional in the financial market and earn in dollars from anywhere in the world. The job requires no academic prerequisites, anyone can become a successful Investment Trader and gain financial freedom.

Professional Investment

In this course, you will have all the tools you need to become a real Trader. The focus is to make you think like a professional trader, consequently having the same operating procedures. You will understand what is behind the market, you will understand why the market is manipulated and how to protect yourself from the traps of big institutions. Based on this principle, you will learn to trade using the same logic as Smart Money (Sharks).

In a format developed exclusively On-Line, the course will allow a complete learning in both the Mental, Managerial and Technical aspects. Enrolled in the course, you can count on the support of mentors who will answer all your questions in order for you to have the desired success.


In this first phase of the beginner course, three main objectives will be addressed; Fundamentals, Technology and Psychology.

So to become a Stock Exchange Professional you need to learn the fundamentals of business and how to work in the futures market.

You need a working environment that is functional, with a computer available only for trading work and software that provides you with immediate and professional information.

It is very important to have the right attitude to be a Trader, which we call Trader Mindset.

It’s normally one of the most overlooked aspects and that’s why we’re going to develop the right mindset.

Here at the beginning of this course we will lay a strong foundation for your trading career, so you will be ready for your Great Journey.


The intermediate course is designed to teach you the correct technique of how to use technical analysis to find reliable trading opportunities.

Not all forms of technical analysis are created equal, and the intermediate course will teach you how we use charts to define the “price action cycle”, which is essential in the process of identifying reliable trading opportunities.

The intermediate course teaches you the skills you need to be confident in your trading, and is the backbone of the trading strategy we use every day in our trading room.


The Advanced Course is designed to teach you our trading strategies and provide an environment for you to accelerate the learning process.

Our trading strategy incorporates knowledge of market psychology, with reliable trading opportunities, accurate entry and exit triggers, and proper risk management.

The advanced course includes access to our trading room (LIVE from the market) and our technical support team. Our advanced members receive a professional level trading education, but more importantly, they learn the skills they need to find reliable trading opportunities in the futures markets, along with a community of Traders to support them every step of the way.

Learn the Most Profitable Profession in the World

15 hours per week of live training connected directly to the New York Stock Exchange.

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